World of festivals: EDMANIA Open Air 2019

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In today’s World of festivals we’re going to visit our neighbors in Slovakia, there is going to be weekend festival EDMANIA again.

Something about a location of the festival

The festival takes place in a beautiful slovakian city Trenčín, right in a exhibition center Expo Center. This location is suited for winter events, as well as summer events.
You can get to Trenčín by train without a problem, or by one of a Party-buses. Expo Center is approximately 2 kilometers from a train and bus station, so you can walk there or you can use a shuttle service.

History of the festival

It all began in 2015, when the first winter edition of this event took place.
In 2016 it took place again twice. In a winter inside and for the first time outside in a summer. This event was called WE LOVE TRANCE and it got a massive amount of positive feedback, so organizers continued their efforts and started to work even harder than before.
From that year the festival draws more and more attention and in 2019 we expect no difference.

Line – up for 2019

As I said earlier, the organizers worked really hard and I think you’ll be able to see it on this year’s line-up.
The first name that was announced was Cosmic Gate, that created real excitement for what comes next.
The second name that was announced was the first headliners – Sunnery James & Ryan Marcian.
The third name was trance sensation Future code, that consists of Ben Gold and Omnia.
As a christmas present from the organizers we got a name of a dj, that is one of the best there is, and that’s noone else than Afrojack.
Another performers are going to be Watermat, hardstyle artist Coone or psytrance Blastoyz.


Last year EDMANIA showed us 2 stages it’s gonna be just the same this year. Main stage had a huge screen and just awesome light circle, that was hanging from a top of the stage. So this year, I think we can expect something really special.


EDMANIA takes really good care of it’s visitors. There is a camp with tents, that are ready to use and for just a little extra money you can borrow a blanket or a sleeping bag. The camp also offers more expensive variant called Black&Fresh – these tents stay dark inside throughtout a whole day and keep a pleasant temperature.

You can come with your caravan or tent as well, if you want. It is 2 kilometers from the camp to Expo center, so if you want, there is even a possibility to stay directly in Expo center.


I haven’t been to this event yet, but I’m going to go there this summer for sure and after that I’ll surely write my review of it.

That’s all you need to know about this event and next time I’ll take you to austrian event – Electric love festival.


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