DAVID GRAVELL: EDMANIA is growing every time I visit the festival!

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EDMANIA OPEN AIR 2018 will host 40+ DJs from around the world in Trenčín (SK) during 22.-.23. June 2018. One of performing DJs will be young Dutch – David Gravell who is coming to EDMANIA for the third time to perform at trance stage. Enjoy the interview!

Hi David, you are coming back to EDMANIA for the third time as the only artist in EDMANIA’s history. How did it happened? Do you really love Slovakia so much?
Oh WOW! Can’t say enough how much I love Slovakia! Still remember the last 2 times and it is so good to see that the event is growing every time I visit the festival. I have a big fan base in Slovakia so I’ll be more than happy to come back!

In a pretty short time you got to the trance scene’s top. What was the most difficult on your journey to successful career?
Spending less time with family and friends trough-out the year, as I am travelling almost 80% of my time. And of course it’s hard to keep up with the latest music software and plugins for making music, because the technology is going really fast. But I think the hardest part for every DJ is to stay healthy and focused. That’s why I have a special food diet when I am home and going to the gym is very important for me. When I’ll be back on tour again I can give 200% every show!

How long have you been producing music before releasing first track? Did you have any mentor in the beginnings who helped you or you learnt everything alone?
I have always being involved with music at a very young age because my dad was always making music on his own made hardware synthesizers. Later when he gave me my first Walkman I started buying music from stores and I was ready to explore a new world with music. When I turned the age of 15 I started out with making little radio mixtapes with an old recorded. Few years later I started making music with a program called Magic Music Maker, which was too complicated to learn and I had no teacher whatsoever. So I bought Cubase Studio 4 and that’s when I started discovering how to make music as it is today! =)

How would you characterize your actual sound?
My influences are Techno and Trance, so I find the perfect balance in between. All my tracks need to have a good groove, baseline and the melody needs to be on point. Also all the tracks I release are dark, uplifting and emotional.

You travel a lot and your tour schedule is pretty busy. Do you still have time and inspiration for new productions?
I have 1 folder which contains all my unfinished ideas and little snippets collected throughout the years. So it makes life easier for me having inspiration and ideas always with me. I can work everywhere in the world on my mobile studio MacBook. I only need my AKAI midi controller and I am ready to make music. Last year I released my first mix compilation which I produced and mixed all on the road during my North America Tour.

How do you proceed while producing new track? What do you focus at the most?
Every track I ever started starts with an idea first. Then I’ll move on to sound design part which brings you to a new chapter. For me it’s important to get you going as quick as possible. Most people forget how important it is to have good sound to start with! Here’s a golden rule: Shit in shit out……Having good samples and good sounds from scratch brings you much further non the right direction when it comes to producing music.

You appear at a lot of A State of Trance festivals, also in Armin’s radio show. When did you meet him for the first time?
It was around 2013 where I was at the Armada Office when suddenly Armin walked in and shaked hands with him for the first time! After a little chat we went on a boat with Ilan Bluestone in Amsterdam which was awesome! Was an amazing moment meeting Armin that day!

What was the most unusual experience during your travels around the world?
When I had to make an emergency landing because someone on the plane was dying, so we had to land as quick as possible in the middle of Indonesia which was kinda scary.

You are coming to Trenčín, Slovakia to play at trance stage of EDMANIA festival. What can we look forward to? Do you have any message for your fans out here?
First..CANT WAIT! Second, I have a lot of new music and Ill be showing a little bit of my new logo and visuals which we are rebranding at the moment. So enough for my fans to explore and discover new things! See you guys soon!

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