EXIS: I’m excited because it’s my first European booking of the year!

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EDMANIA OPEN AIR 2018 will host 40+ DJs from around the world in Trenčín (SK) during weekend 22.-.23. June 2018. Australian DJ, who remixed Armin’s ASOT 800 anthem, Exis is coming to Trenčín for his Slovak debut.

Hi Exis, in a really short period of time you breakthrough in Australia and in other parts of the world. Was the music your only choice in your professional life?
Hi guys! Firstly I just want to say thanks for inviting me to play at EDMANIA, I absolutely can’t wait! Actually, before I began the DJ journey I was a game programmer for Electronic Arts (EA). That was my first dream job since my childhood as I played plenty of video games. I was also a musician throughout my life as a hobby on the side. Eventually I felt music was my actual calling so a few years ago I decided to get really serious with it.

Do you remember your first contact with electronic dance music? When and how did trance ”got you“?
My first contact with Trance was when I was around 10 years old. I fell in love instantly with tracks like ‘Corona – Rhythm Of The Night’, ‘JX – You Belong To Me’ and ‘Robert Miles – Children’ when I heard them on TV. Hearing synthesized sounds was like love at first sight, I knew this is the type of music I will want to listen to for a long time. As a kid I didn’t even know what genres were but I just knew this kind of music was for me.

Many artists put their feelings and thoughts into their music. Do you try to spread some message via your music?
Yes, all the time! You only have to read the title of my tracks to know what I’m trying to express to the listeners. Take ‘Free‘ for example, if you listen to the background sounds of birds along with Enya Angel’s magnificent vocals and lyrics, it just gives you that liberating feeling of being free.

Which one of your tracks do you like to play the most?
This is a tough one. There’s definitely 3 tracks that I play in all my sets. The Count, Anywhere remix and I Live For That Energy remix.

You are home at Armada Music and its sublabels. Was it difficult to bring your music under their wings?
It was difficult at first yes. But this is usually the case for all emerging artists. If the quality of the track is high, you will get a response. It could be as simple as feedback or an actual signing of a track. For me, it took about 4 tracks…I received feedback for the first 3 but it wasn’t until the 4th track that I finally got a track signed.

You have remixed I Live for That Energy – anthem of Armin’s A state of Trance 800 show. How did you feel about that?
It felt so surreal, definitely my biggest accomplishment so far! I remember when I got asked to do the remix I was so nervous inside thinking…wait, am I ready to remix an Armin track?  But at the same time I thought…this opportunity might not come around again. So I was very motivated to give it my best shot and show what I’ve got. Then when the track finally released, seeing Armin play it at ASOT 800 in Utrecht, the ASOT radio show, and closing with it at Ultra Miami I knew I had done my job.

We don’t really hear about Australia’s trance scene here in Slovakia so please tell us how does it looks like with trance in Australia?
Australia’s trance scene the past three years has been on a high. We have many big scale events here every year and I’m sure if you ask any artist, Australia is one of their favourite places to tour. You will find that most trance fans here also like other genres as we have a diverse music culture. There are also a number of local trance artists on their way to making a name for themselves. I think Australia will keep on thriving to stay as one of the capital places for trance events.

What is the most precious knowledge, skill or experience which you gained thanks to your musical career?
That everything takes time and a lot of hard work. If you’re patient, hard working and consistent then it will pay off.

You are coming to Trenčín, Slovakia to play at trance stage of EDMANIA festival. What can we look forward to? Do you have any message for your fans out here?
I am so excited for this event! Since this is my first booking in Europe for this year I will make sure you guys are in for a treat. Expect some ID tracks and a few of my mashups that are really killing it on the dance floor at the moment. And to all my fans out there attending this event…
I can’t wait to meet you all and let’s all have a great time. See you soon!

Two day tickets for amazing price 54,99€ available HERE.

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