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Friends, we would like to answer to all your questions but it’s so difficult to do it due to all organization things. Before the festival starts it’s going to be time full of chaos and we can’t answer same questions every day because we have lot of work to do to make the festival perfect. That’s why we bring you this list full of answers. Hope you find your answer for your question.


Q: How does it work with one day ticket? Can I choose optional festival day?
A: On one day ticket you have option to choose which day you will use it. Exact rules and times you can find in Festival rules.

Q: How much does ticket cost? How much it will cost at the doors?
A: Actual price you can find here https://www.edmania.eu/en/tickets/

Q: Where can I buy tickets?
A: All options of ticket sale you can find here https://www.edmania.eu/en/tickets/

Q: My friend told me that he used ISIC discount. How can I do it?
A: From 30.4. until the end of online pre-sale is 10% discount on a two-day ticket. All info you can find here https://www.edmania.eu/novinky/vyuzi-studentsku-zlavu-na-dvojdnovy-listok/

Q: Can I buy ticket with my friend’s ISIC?
A: The ticket is fixed to name, which must be same as name shown on the ISIC at doors.

Q: I bought the ticket from Festicket but I haven’t received it yet. What about that?
A: Festicket is sending vouchers which will be exchanged at the place.

Q: I bought the ticket from company’s BENEFITS but I haven’t received it yet. What about that?
A: Benefits is sending vouchers which will be exchanged at the place.


Q: How is it with camping?
A: At this moment the camping site on the Island is sold out and camping site TENT INN in festival area is still free.

Q: For how many persons the voucher is valid?
A: Voucher for camping is valid for two persons.

Q: What if we are three?
A: You have to buy two vouchers.

Q: Is there a difference between classic tent and Black & fresh tent? Why I should pay 20 more?
A: The equipment is the same – two blankets, two pads, but the black & fresh tent has technology which guarantees dark and nice temperature during sunny day = better, longer sleep.

Q: Can I bring food and drink to the camping site?
A: Yes, you can bring food and drink but in some reasonable quantity. More info in Festival rules.

Q: Is it possible to move from festival area to TENT INN?
A: Yes, but only for residents of TENT INN.

Q: We would like to visit our friends in camping site. Can we?
A: No, because of safety reasons. Only residents and our employees have access to camping sites.

Q: Will there be showers and toilets in camp area?
A: You do not have to worry, we will not let you smell 🙂 showers and toilets will be there.

Q: Will camping sites be guarded?
A: Yes, sites will be guarded.

Q: Are the tents in TENT INN waterproof? Can the tent be locked?
A: They are waterproof but they can’t be locked.

Q: Are tents in TENT INN numbered? How do I know which one is mine?
A: After arriving to the camping site you will be accommodated by reception and they will give you the number.

Q: Can I go to camping site if I will have one day ticket?
A: No, camping site is only for those who will be enjoying whole festival.

Q: I would like to have tent with my friend in one place. Is it possible to reserve it?
A: Unfortunately, reservations are not made in advance, but if you will arrive at the TENT INN reception together they will accommodate you together.


Q: Will there be food?
A: Yes, there will be gastro zone where we and our partners are preparing food and drinks for you.

Q: Will there be place to sit?
A: Of course, there will be chill zone with bean bags and also lot of benches and tables.

Q: Is it possible to pay in Czech crowns?
A: No, you can only pay in Euros.

Q: Will there be terminal?
A: Yes, one at the entrance, one in the shop with merch and three will be in our bars.

Q: What if I do not have cash?
A: There will be ATM at the venue.

Q: How about parking at the place?
A: Exact instructions will be released after approval by the competent authorities. However, we recommend parking near the covered swimming pool in Trenčín and at Mládežnícka Street where there will also be a starting point for the shuttle transportation.

Q: How much the Shuttle transport will cost? How often it will drive?
A: For visitors it will be free and we will release exact times in LAST INFO.

Q: Will there be shop with merchandise?
A: Yes. We are preparing new special collection.

Q: Can I take photos and record videos on my mobile phone?
A: Yes, but SLR are allowed only for an accredited photographers.

Q: What I cannot bring to festival area?
A: Into festival area you cannot bring your own food and drinks. You cannot bring drugs, weapons, selfie sticks and other things mentioned in Festival Rules. We do not recommend you to take big backpacks because it slows down safety control and it is not comfortable to jump all night with those kilos on your back.

Q: From what age I can go to EDMANIA?
A: 16+ accompanied by an adult.


Q: Do you know who and when performs?
A: We know and you can find it too www.edmania.eu/lineup

Q: When will the exact timetable be?
A: We will publish it one week before the festival.

Q: Will you do livestream?
A: No, we do not plan to do a livestream or record of DJ performances.

Q: Who will build the stage?
A: The Ministry Rental Service provides technical support for the entire show.

Q: Will there be a pyrotechnics?
A: It will, of course. It will be supervised by experts who will take care of a smooth run.

Q: Will it be possible to meet DJs?
A: We have confirmed meet&greet with Timmy Trumpet and Axwell & Ingrosso. For more info go to https://www.edmania.eu/novinky/sutaz-chces-fotku-s-axwell-ingrosso-alebo-timmy-trumpet/

Q: How are you doing?
A: We have a great time, we all love you, but we just don’t have enough time for answering your messages. We are looking forward to see you on the dancefloor!


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