JAY HARDWAY: I’m preparing lot of new music for the summer!

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EDMANIA OPEN AIR 2018 will host 40+ DJs from around the world in Trenčín (SK) during 22.-.23. June 2018. Dutch talent – Jay Hardway who collaborated with likes Martin Garrix, MoTi, Firebeatz, will perform at main stage on the first festival day.

Hi Jay, you are coming to Slovakia for the first time. Are you excited?
Yes I’m super excited. It’s always fun to play in a country for the first time and I’ve hear a lot of good stories about Slovakia.

So we are expecting you soon in Slovakia but please tell us what your fans could expect from you and what they can look forward too? Are you going to prepare something special? New IDs?
I’m working hard in the studio as we speak and I already have several new tracks and edit for the summer. So the fans can expect a lot of new music and special edits which will not be released, but only in my DJ sets 🙂

In past you made really nice collaborations with Martin Garrix, MoTi, Firebeatz. How does it work to collaborate with other producers as we know both sides are really busy?
Sometimes it’s difficult to finish a project, because you start it one day and then you can’t meet up soon after that due to a busy schedule. So it can take another couple months before you finish the track you’re working on. Other than that it’s super awesome to work with such talented producers.

What do you prefer – making original tracks or remixes? How do you choose track for remix?
I love making original music, starting from scratch and creating something out of nothing is amazing. For remixes I always need to hear something in the original track that inspires me. So if I really like a track, I might remix it myself. Or when a remix request comes from the management I check the original to listen if I can work with it!

Do you have any idols or people who inspire you?
I love Coldplay as a band and Chris Martin as a singer. Other than that my parents are probably my biggest inspiration 🙂

How do you relax? Do you have time for it?
I used to work at my home studio and did not find enough time to relax. Since a half year I switched to a new studio in a different building which really helps me relax when I get home. My “work” and private life are now more separated. So when I come home I just watch a movie or play some video games. And when I’m in the studio all I do is work!

We are really looking forward to greet you in Trenčín. Do you have any special message for your fans out here?
I can’t wait to be in Slovakia for the first time and I hope everyone over there is going to enjoy all the new music I’m about to play!


Two day tickets for amazing price 54,99€ available HERE.

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