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EDMANIA OPEN AIR 2018 will host 40+ DJs from around the world in Trenčín (SK) during weekend 22.-.23. June 2018. Young and talented Mirk Villa from Netherlands will show his talent at the main stage.

Hi Mark, you are coming to Slovakia for the first time. Are you looking forward to it?
Absolutely! I can’t wait! Slovakia looks like a beautiful country & I heard some great stories about EDMANIA, so I’m really excited to play there.

You are pretty young and you have already achieved so much – tracks on famous labels, Tomorrowland performance. How it all did started?
It all started for me when I was about 9 years old, when I discovered Avicii’s music. He really got me into dance music & from there on it has been one of the most important things in my life ever since! I started making music around that time and when I was 14, I got discovered by Mixmash Records (Laidback Luke’s label). From that point, they have been guiding me throughout my career and we have been releasing music together!

What are your plans and goals in your upcoming DJ career?
I hope to make a lot of new music in the coming years. My dream is to travel the world playing my music & making people with my songs!

What do your parents think about DJ lifestyle – travelling and playing during night in clubs / festival? Aren’t they worried? Do they support you?
They’ve been 100% supportive from the start and I’m really thankful for that! They trust me & they’ve been really up-to-date from the beginning, they actually know what dance music is about. I try to take them with me whenever I can, because I love to experience this together with them!

Which artists inspire you?
There’s so many, but if I have to pick a few, I would go for Avicii. He’s kind of my hero/example from the start. Swedish House Mafia (Axwell, Steve & Seb) are also definitely a huge inspiration for me as well. Kygo is also one of my favourites! And last but not least, I have major respect for the Chainsmokers. Drew and Alex are absolutely awesome in my opinion, their way of working and their style is just really amazing.

Do you have any dream back to back or collaboration?
There’s so many good ones! Hard to choose. If we’re talking inside of the Dance Music scene, The Chainsmokers or Avicii would be amazing! Outside of Dance Music, I’d say Coldplay, Dua Lipa or Post Malone. These artists just bring such good music to the table! It would be mind-blowing to work with them one day.

We are really looking forward to greet you in Trenčín. Do you have any special message for your fans out here?
I’m so excited as well! I can’t wait to meet you & it’s gonna be a lot of fun!


Two day tickets for amazing price 54,99€ available HERE.

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