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EDMANIA OPEN AIR 2018 will host 40+ DJs from around the world in Trenčín (SK) during 22.-.23. June 2018. Very young Dutch talent – Maurice West will perform at main stage on the second festival day.

Hi Maurice, you are pretty young and you have already pretty nice career. How it all started for you?
First of all, that’s really kind of you guys so thanks for saying that! My career began when I started sending out my music to other artists and labels. I’d been practicing music production for about two years until I was proud enough to share it with the world. My first release was on Spinnin’ Records and after that my tracks got picked up by W&W. They played one of my songs at Tomorrowland in 2015 which was really a motivational boost for me! After that I just worked my ass off until this day haha!

What are your plans and goals for next years?
I have a lot of really cool solo tracks and collaborations planned which I’m really proud of. Some of those collaborations are with DJs that I could never even have dreamed of working with so I’m super excited for it! My main goal is to make as much people happy with my music as possible.

What do your parents think about DJ lifestyle – travelling and playing during night in clubs / festival? Aren’t they worried? Do they support you?
Both of my parents are musicians so luckily they have always been supporting me. At first they wanted me to have a backup plan for when things wouldn’t work out in music, which is very understandable as a parent haha. After a while they saw that I was making good progress and that I would be okay so then I decided to drop out of college and only focus on music.

Which artists inspire you?
There’s a lot of artists outside of dance music that really inspire me, like Stevie Wonder, Post Malone, and Daft Punk. My main inspirations in dance music are W&W, KSHMR, Axwell /\ Ingrosso, Porter Robinson, and so on.

Where do you seek for an inspiration for your work?
I usually listen to a lot of music that isn’t related to the music that I’m trying to make. So for example I’ll listen to jazz or soul music and take inspiration from that and combine it with my style of bigroom or progressive. I can also get really inspired when I’m playing in a club or festival and try out new songs, because you get to see what kind of things really work for a bigger audience.

Do you have any dream back to back or collaboration?
I don’t really have a dream back to back but I would definitely love to collaborate with someone like Calvin Harris and make a track with only real instruments recordings.

You are coming to Slovakia for the first time. Are you looking forward to it?
I actually can’t wait! I’m really looking forward to the festival and I’m always really excited to be playing in a country that I haven’t been to yet. Also, I heard Slovakia is known for having a lot of castles so I’d love to visit one haha!

We are really looking forward to greet you in Trenčín. Do you have any special message for your fans out here?
I’m very honoured to be playing for all the beautiful people in Slovakia soon and I can’t wait to party with you all. See you soon!

Two day tickets for amazing price 59,99€ available HERE.

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