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EDMANIA OPEN AIR 2018 will host 40+ DJs from around the world in Trenčín (SK) during 22.-.23. June 2018. Beautiful and talented Juicy M will perform at main stage on Friday. In interview she disclosed, how she pranks some promoters…

Hi Juicy, as first let us congratulate you on becoming mother of a beautiful baby! How are you enjoying your maternity leave?
Thanks! It’s fantastic time and I deeply enjoyed every moment of my pregnancy. On other hand though, I really missed touring and looking forward to coming back to Europe for another awesome season!

Do you spend all the time with your daughter or you have some time for music also?
Well, I also spend my time with my son, David! And of course, whenever I’ve got a moment I work on my music. One thing you value as a parent is time, believe me!

You are actively touring, regularly produce music, and participate in photo sessions, making videos and interviews! How do you manage to keep up everything and devote time to your family?
I’m lucky to have caring husband and our moms to help us with kids. This is hectic, tiring life, but it filled with love from my family one side and from my beautiful fans from other side.

You travell around the globe. Did you have any funny moment during touring? Some story you can tell us 🙂
Every show has some funny moments, but what I like the most is when promoter asks you “What kind of music do you play?”. I mean, you have to be really dumb to pay for a DJ without interesting what music will he play. I always reply something trashy like minimal techno-trance or intelligent jungle-bass. We even had one promoter who took it really seriously and actually called my agent and tried to cancel my performance.

What are your plans for 2018? In June you are coming to Trenčín again and we are really looking forward!
Oh yeah! I’m super excited to coming back to Trenčín this year! Hope to see all my Slovak fans there! I have few summer tracks that will be out right about that time, stay tuned guys!

Do you have any message for your fans in here?

Two day tickets for amazing price 54,99€ available TU

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