STEVE ALLEN: EDMANIA is growing every time I visit the festival!

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EDMANIA OPEN AIR 2018 will host 40+ DJs from around the world in Trenčín (SK) during 22.-.23. June 2018. One of performing DJs will be Steve Allen who you might know from Allen & Envy duo. Enjoy the interview!

Hi Steve, we know you from duo Allen & Envy which you formed with Scott Envy but in late 2016 you announced the end of your together path. Why did you decided to split apart?
The short version, is that basically the project got to a point where we couldn’t decide how to take things forward, which is always important being artists, so we decided to launch our own solo careers and part ways!

How is it different to work solo comparing to duo times?
Erm, to be honest for myself it’s not really much different, As the producer I made the tracks alone and dealt with the business side of things, social media etc… so aside from now having to put together my own radio show, not much has changed 😊

We have noticed that you are working on debut album. Do you have any vision or you just let your fantasy flow?
So the album is now complete, it’s basically a story of growth of my productions, from the older stuff to a lot of new material, I’m really excited about its release!

Do you use something special in your studio?
Not really, I work 100% in software now, and use FL studio with numerous plugins and soft synths. My studio is away from my house, in a custom space, which is great for being creative in!

You became an A&R manager of group of labels Critical. Could you please elucidate to our fans what is this work about?
Critical is a label I’ve always worked with, since meeting Pablo Anon, I now work as label manager to streamline the label and try and take it to that next level!

You are devoting your time to less experienced producers. What exactly you do for them? How do you help them?
I love working with others, I’m a firm believer in sharing knowledge so that’s what I do, some of them I offer tutorials, some I mentor on a regular basis and some I offer other services, the main aim is to help them release the best music they can, based on sharing my knowledge!

Was it more difficult to succeed in music business in past or now?
Erm, I’m not sure, I work with a lot of people to help them build a career, and I think talent always rises to the top regardless of it being in the past or present!

Which upcoming trance artist caught your attention lately? Suggest us please some new talents. 😉
I’m loving the guys I’ve bought to the agency, Solis & Sean Truby, F.G.Noise, Roman Messer, Davey Asprey, HP Source and Steve Dekay all have really bright futures!

You are coming to Trenčín, Slovakia to play at trance stage of EDMANIA festival. What can we look forward to? Do you have any message for your fans out here?
I cannot wait to make my debut in Slovakia, perhaps ill play some tracks from the album, but I’m sure ill also play some of my biggest productions like Silhouette and Stole The Sun!


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